Colin (Bowel Cancer) Update

by Jon Imondi  - April 2, 2024

❤️‍🩹 Colin (Bowel cancer) Update ❤️‍🩹

Gratitude and Updates

I just wanted to say another HUGE thank you for all of the support, love and words that have been coming my way since I found out about Colin (my bowel cancer) ❤️ So many had asked me to keep them updated so here we go:

Consultation with the Surgeon

I went to see the surgeon last week. A lovely man with a steady hand who is more than willing to slice me open, remove Colin and take some extra Colon as a little trophy too 🏆.

In short I’m booked in for major bowel surgery this Thursday at 7:30am.

It was a strange and surreal conversation as he wanted me to decide between 2 procedures.

One would be to remove the left side of my colon (where Colin currently resides) and reattach it and the other to effectively remove my entire Colon and reattach my small intestine to the other side.

Decision Making and Fears

Being quite attached to all of my healthy organs and body parts I’ve opted for a. Thankfully he was more than happy to do either and all jokes aside there were reasons for the options given.

Though at the time (and still do) feel woefully underprepared and under qualified to make such decisions 😅.  I’ve never had surgery and of course appreciate that if we do nothing Colin will eventually kill me. Although I still don’t hold that against him ❤️.

But it would not be me if I didn’t acknowledge how scared I am of the surgery. Truth be told I go through acceptance of it to “what if I don’t wake up and don’t survive” absolute existential fear!

The Cancer Journey

I guess it’s all part of the cancer journey though. The road not even less travelled but the road that has no road signs and no concrete.

There’s no guidebook on how to navigate this particular journey and nobody with all the will in the world can ever prepare you for what may or may not lie ahead.

Even as I write this I have tears down my face at the thought of what’s going to happen to me on Thursday. (I was going to keep this short. Sorry.)

Post-Surgery Outlook

The good news is that Colin doesn’t have any friends that have decided to occupy any of my other organs (cancer hasn’t spread).

 Meaning once the surgery is complete I just need to wait for the results of the tumour genetics to determine if I’ll need chemo and what sort of doses/treatment.

Call for Support

I’m not one who asks the world for too much but please, please this Thursday between 9am and 2pm send me some love, energy, pray to whatever god you may believe in or simply ask the universe to take care of me because I genuinely believe (even though I’ll be away with the fairies and woodland folk) that it will make a difference.

Have a beautiful Christmas and hold ya loved ones close.

Big love, Jon ❤️❤️❤️


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